Since Monday, we have had about 4″ of much needed rain!! Yeah!!! The hills are starting to green up, and everything looks soooo much better than the yucky brown.

D and I got to hear one of our favorite speakers on Praise the Lord on TBN last night, Mark Gungor He is so funny! We bought his DVD set, and it’s awesome! You can see clips on his website And the Flag Page is so great. We learned a LOT by doing that! It’s so worth the money!

Let’s see……what else…..
Oh, yeah, that much needed and NOT complained about rain, has caused the laundry to come to a grinding halt. sigh I REFUSE to use the dryer. So that means laundry is piling up. I have done a couple of loads this week, hanging the laundry on the porch and in the house to dry, but when I average 2 loads a day M-F….well, you can guess what my laundry room looks like! The kids decided to clean their rooms. Yeah, I’m so NOT complaining about that, BUT that means extra laundry for me, too! O well, it’s good practice for the winter when it’s quite challenging to get all the laundry dry. I’ll adjust. :)

We’re getting ready for a birthday party here on Saturday. Calen is turning 13! For that I’m thankful. Yeah, I’m thankful for another teenage boy! lol

Well, I guess I better go find some work to do. That shouldn’t be too hard. :)

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  1. qawiichpHowdy Linda,
    This is Debe and I was checking up on all my favorite sites. Calen is 13!! Ouch, the only thing worse than a teenage boy is a teenage girl. lol!! This rain is needed so badly, but my bones ache so much. The price I pay for a green lawn. Oh well. I’ll be back to blogging soon. Lots of changes with me and mine. See you soon, Debe

  2. Hi Debe!
    It’s good to hear from you again!
    Hope all is well with you and your family. How are those grandbabies doing? They must be so big by now. I guess I just have to wait and read about it!