because I can’t think of a better title. Today’s errand day. I was going to get to go by MYSELF but a certain teenage babysitter announced that she had to go shopping for a Christmas tree ornament. sigh. Granny is at my brothers house, so I could have gone by MYSELF wait, I already mentioned that. I guess it would be better to forget it, since it’s NOT HAPPENING sigh
But I WILL go shopping by MYSELF on Saturday. So if your a “certain teenage babysitter” I’m going by MYSELF. And that includes rides to see a certain teenage boy. ’cause, well, I’m going by MYSELF.
Now that we settled all that, I’m serving left over turkey soup over left over mashed potatoes for lunch. Don’t ask me how we had left over mashed potatoes, cause I haven’t figured that out yet!
Before I leave, here are a couple of funnies for you:

me: Abigail saw a pretty red sunset this morning, on the way to the chicken pen.
D: Red at night sailors delight
Red in the morning sailors warning
Hannah: What does that mean?
me: Whatever you do, don’t go sailing in the creek today.

D: reading from the Bible says the word “portion”
Z: what’s a portion?
D: well, if we have a pie, and you eat a piece, you’ve had a portion. ( feels pretty good now, for coming up with a good example)
Z: But I didn’t eat the pie!

Have a good day!

THIS JUST IN….from the PCS lunchtable:
“I’m going to burp a big one, now.” Believe it or not, but that is from a “certain teenage babysitter”
Shocking, but true……..

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