So, I’m sewing…

I have lots and lots of sewing to do. I’m altering the costumes for the 5th grade and under play at church. Over 30 costumes. The fabric is one of those horrid nylon fabrics that is a bear to work with. But I’m getting through it. I prayed first, so it’s going pretty smoothly. :)
There has been so much going on, that I don’t even know what to blog about! lol
Errands galore, shopping, saving LOTS of money, piano recital, LOTS of play pratices, a birthday to get ready for (Saturday), a party to get ready for at church (Sunday), the last piano lesson until the end of January! YEAH!,
the last Bible Drill class until January 6th, except for Sunday’s party, (We will miss Bible Drill!), LOTS of rain and mud, and cleaning out of the creek of leaves and sticks so it will actually flow (yes, by me)(The leaves and sticks get stuck in the goat fence, and dam up the creek) school is on Christmas vacation YEAH!, chickens who stopped laying, and having to pay a small fortune for inferior eggs at the store, :(
Ok, well, you get the idea, very busy with lots going on! But for now, I better get back to sewing!

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