Works For Me Wednesday – Cloth Napkins to Cleaning Rags

We have used cloth napkins for over a year now. The kids were down right shocked when I bought a package of paper napkins a couple of weeks ago. It hasn’t been good weather lately for drying clothes, and since we don’t use the dryer, this can lead to a laundry back-up. So I bought paper to have just in case we run out of cloth.

Anyway, our favorite napkins to use are washcloths. Chicken fingers? no problem… Spilled milk? no problem…Spaghetti face? no problem… try that with a paper napkin! lol

But what to do when the washcloth starts looking a little worse for wear? It gets demoted to a cleaning cloth. But how do you keep those cleaning clothes from ending up in the napkin holder?

I now cut off one of the corners on the “new” cleaning rag. Now if someone else should fold and put away the laundry (???????) it’s clear which cloth is a napkin and which one is a rag.

Hey! It Works For Me!

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  1. Jennifer in OR says:

    I love this! One tip I would add is to hem stitch the part you cut so the rag doesn’t start to fall apart. Now that my 4 kiddos are out of diapers (except the littlest one at night only), I have gobs of the old cloth diapers that I can use for cleaning rags. Here from Rocks in My Dryer.

  2. I like this idea a lot! We have made homemade cloth napkins that just didn’t work very well. Now you’ve convinced me to use the washcloths. I guess I could just save the “fancy” cloth napkins for company. Thanks for the tip!