Works For Me Wednesday – Frugal Drain Cleaner

I just finished cleaning our 2 bathrooms. phew I’m glad that’s done for another week! Although I do have to visit the kids bathroom daily to make sure the little messmakers aren’t making too much of a mess.

Anyway, the kids tub was draining very slowly. So I had to clean it. First I pulled out the hair (can we say GROSS!!), then I poured some baking soda down the drain. oh… half to one cup is about how much I used. Then I warmed up a cup or 2 of vinegar on the stove (in a pan of course! lol) Not to boiling, but almost. Then you just dump it down the drain. It will bubble up like crazy! And be prepared for lots of yucky stuff to come floating out of the drain!

It does a great job of cleaning out the drains. I try to do it monthly in the tubs, and as needed in the sinks.

Frugal, non-toxic, and it Works For Me!

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  1. Heart of Wisdom says:

    I have a super slow bathroom drain. I’m going to try this tomorrorw. Thanks for the tip. Does white or apple cider vinegar matter?

    I missed WFMW so I’m browsing them now.I have a new blog focusing on home organization.

  2. I’ve had to clean out more than a few NASTY drains in the 8 apartments we lived in during college not to mention my house growing up. I learned to start running my fingers through my hair as I shampooed and conditioned and then stuck them to the wall for the rest of the shower. Then flushed or trashed them afterwards. Sure now and then I would forget BUT in the last two years since I started doing that, my drains never slow down. And my sisters do it too now and have found it totally works. So maybe teach daughters that as they grow.