is a busy day.

We spent 3 hours at church this morning. We helped give the fellowship hall a deep cleaning. Then we all ate lunch together. The others were still there when we left. They were going to keep on working. But we had to leave.

I had to stop at the Trade Store, which is like Goodwill, only its for a local ministry. I had to find some work pants for K who starts work on Thursday. Yeah1 I found 2 pairs! I’m so glad, since We’re fronting him the money!

We’re home for an hour or so, then we have to leave for piano. I also have to stop at the post office and mail a book for Paperback Swap. Have you tried this yet? I absolutely love it! Hey, if you go and sign up, use my email address as a referral, and after you list 10 books, I’ll get a credit along with you. My email is pcsmom @ just remove the spaces. :)

For dinner tonight we’re having Italian Crockpot Chicken. Which is just chicken with Italian salad dressing cooked in the crockpot. lol I think I’m going to go put some rice in my smaller crockpot to cook. I’ve never done rice in the crockpot before. I’ll let you know how it comes out!

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