Storing Picnic Dishes

We love to cook out! We haven’t used our grill in about 2 years. We made a firepit in our yard and we cook out as often as we can. We even like to make breakfast over the fire!

We use plastic picnic plates instead of paper plates. I keep them on the top shelf, and there were constantly falling on my head! But I solved that problem with a plastic bin. see…..

I measured, and bought a bin that fit the space and let the door shut completely. As you can see, I also keep the tableclothes (which are fabric remnants) with the dishes. See how nice and neat they dishes are in the bin….

When we’re ready, we take the bin down and carry the whole thing outside. No more kids struggling to carry them all out on trays and dropping the cups everywhere!

This kitchen organizing tip Works for Me!

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