…and exactly how did it get to be Wednesday again? hmmm…

We’ve been busy, busy, busy…

Saturday, the guys went to church for all the outside work..trimming shrubs, etc.

Then that night we went to a concert…free…Well, it was more like an all day concert with lots of different groups. We got to hear a couple of local groups, then Austins Bridge, who are really great. Then Mike and Kelly Bowling. We missed getting to hear the Isaacs, (the event was running behind schedule), and when we left to go pick up K at work it was 30 minutes past their starting time, and they were still doing sound checks. bummer! But we had lots of fun and the music was great!

Abigail was coming down with a cold, and by Sunday morning she was too sick to go to church. :( So I stayed home with her. :(

So, the remainder of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was spent watching the family fall one by one to the cold. :( Thankfully this cold has a short duration, and everyone is now on the mend. And we are going to church tonight! YEAH!

I have to mention todays mail, as it held a few goodies for me!
A Walgreens just opened up in the town where I do all my shopping. When they opened, there was still a couple of shopping days for all the September deals. I bought three things that were free after rebate. I submitted the rebate online, having them send me a giftcard with the money loaded on it. When you load the rebates on a Walgreens giftcard you get the rebate, plus 10%. Yeah, free money, I’m there! Well, the gift card came today. Just in time to go shopping tomorrow!

Also, I had taken D to the movies on couple of weeks ago. We went on opening night to see Fireproof An awesome movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must see! Anyway, D had bought a box of Raisinets that were bad. The next morning, I called Nestle and told them about it. And today, I got not one, but 2, coupons in the mail. Both for a free 3-5.5 oz bag or box of any Nestle candy!

So that’s just two of the goodies I got in the mail. Soon, very soon, I’m going to start posting about all the freebies and samples I get in the mail. I’m working on it. :)

Well, I better go. I need to put the finishing touches on supper, and make sure everyones ready for church. Oh, we’re having Chicken a la Mama over rice for supper. Which is basicly chicken a la king, but Mama puts in whatever she feels like/has left over. So It’s different every time. :)

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