How to Save Kid’s Large School Projects

We’ve been homeschooling since 1991, when K started kindergarden. (Technically, though, we’ve been homeschooling since he was born.) That’s almost 18 years of homeschooling! Since Z’s 8, we still have 9 more years to homeschool!

One of the frustrating things about homeschooling, is all the “stuff”. Since I still have lots of “things” papers, projects, etc. left from K & M, I have lots of “stuff” in our schoolroom.

I really want to get out from under some of this stuff. So I’m in the process of cleaning it all out. No small feat!

One of the things I’m doing is to photograph the projects to scrapbook, and getting rid of the item. Oh, it’s so hard to let go!

We made the above statues out of clay for the 2002 winter olympics. A & Z were really little, A made a snowboard on a snowpile, and Z made a curling rock. Hey, he was 2! lol One statue already lost its head.

I’m getting rid of my skier also. I never could get his head to stay upright. So I said he was looking up at the flag after he won. roflol

Cutting the clutter by taking pictures of projects Works For Me.

I imagine I will be looking at the scrapbooks a lot, as I will miss having these items around, but it’s for the best. We’ll have room for more projects!

Betty Crocker

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