WeE-Books Review

I was able to download 3 WeE-Books from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine in exchange for writing a review of them.

I absolutely loved them!

I downloaded HomeWork – Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance.

This is such an incredible e-book. From the articles written by homeschool moms about their families businesses, schooling, and schedules to record keeping and organization, I loved it all! In fact, I loved it so much, I’m going to make it required reading for our teenagers! Since they are always looking for ways to make money, I see this book as being an awesome resource for them.

In case you can’t tell, I highly recommend this WeE-Book.

I also downloaded Homeschooling the Rebel parts 1 & 2. As someone who has homeschooled a rebel, I can say that this WeE-Book is jampacked with ideas and helpful hints. To not only make your days easier, but to make life and learning easier for your little rebel.

I found the format of the WeE-Books very user friendly. With other e-books, I have found myself scrolling up and down to read the many columns on each page. But I didn’t have that problem with these. Each WeE-Book has an index and an appendix at the end. I found the appendix in the WeE-books that I read to be full of resources, I have to go back and read them again. There are so many, it is impossible to look them all up in one sitting.

There are over 40 different titles in the WeE-Book series. And get this, they are only $1.95! You can’t beat that! Homework was 92 pages long and Homeschool the Rebel part one was 16 pages long. Well worth the money. Actually, quite the deal! I highly recommend the WeE-Book series, and look forward to buying more!

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