Getting Help in the Kitchen

Getting help in the kitchen is so important. As wives and mothers, we can’t spend all our time working in the kitchen. We have those husbands and kids to tend to. Getting help is important for our sanity and our health. But it’s also important for our husbands and kids.

How so?

It’s important that we let our husbands step up and help us when we are very busy, or sick. Our husbands need to know that they can take care of us physically and emotionally, not just financially.

The kids need to know that Dad can cook for them, feed them, and take care of them, too.

Our kids need to know their way around a kitchen. They are all going to someday, go to college, move out on their own, or get married. Yes, our sons need to know how to cook and clean also. What a gift you will be giving to your future daughter in law, when she marries your son who knows how to cook and clean.

Now, how can they help?

If you have a dish washer, even toddlers can help load and unload.

When started working in the kitchen at a young age, kids become great food prep helpers. Peeling fruits and veggies, cutting out biscuits with a cutter, mixing by hand, kneading dough, getting things out of the cabinets or fridge. The list is really endless.

We don’t have a dishwasher, so my kids help wash and put away. The washing has mostly been since I’ve been sick lately. But because they knew how to do it already, they could step up and help.

My teenagers can cook healthy meals. In the past I have put teenagers in charge of planning and preparing lunches. I need to start doing this again. :) Breakfast is another meal that is easy for teens to plan and prepare. Or how about putting them in charge of meals, and clean up!, on Saturdays?

Many husbands like being in charge of supper one or two nights a week. They like making things their way sometimes!

We women need to let go of our perfectionism in the kitchen, and let our families help. It’s good for everyone involved.

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