Kitchen Tip – Measuring Cups

I like to do a lot of baking at once, instead of just one thing at a time. I have found that keeping the measuring cups for reuse is a big time saver.

I keep all the sizes that I need lined up on the counter, dry and wet. I also do the same with measuring spoons. I just make sure to keep track of the wet ones, and the dry ones. Not having to wash them in between recipes sure saves a lot of time.

Another big time saver? When making different kinds of cookie dough, use the bowl and beaters without washing.

For example, if I’m making sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate cookies, I mix them in that order. No need to wash in between.

I can knock several minutes off the total time by reusing the measuring cups, spoons, mixing bowl and beaters.

For more kitchen tips, visit Tammy’s Recipes.

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  1. Mothers' Hideaway says:

    Linda, what a great idea with the way you do the cookies! I always bake sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies during the holidays, and I have never thought to simply reuse the bowls- that would be a huge time-saver! Thanks for the tip :)

    Ashley @