Storing Measuring Cups

I like to bake a lot but I dislike having to stop in the middle of a recipe to wash out measuring cups. So I have 4 sets of dry measuring cups.

I, of course, always stack them up nice and neat when I put them away.

*cough, cough*

When the kids put the dishes away, they see no need to stack them. Why stack them when you can throw them in the cabinet, then laugh when they fall out on your mothers head?

Therefore, the cabinet usually always looked like this:

Not only did they always fall out, but it made it difficult to find the measuring cup you were looking for. Very frustrating.

But now my cabinet looks like this:

I stacked all 4 sets of measuring cups in a bin. Problem solved.

Now, even if the kids don’t stack them neatly, they will all at least be in the bin.

And they won’t fall out on my head!

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