Why You Should Never Wash Pillows

See this pillow?

Looks like a cute, innocent little girls pillow, doesn’t it?
Yeah, well, see the white spot in the upper left. It wasn’t there when I put the pillow in the washing machine. Some how, it ripped in the washer.

And that is what my poor front loading washing machine looked like.

The load of laundry was covered in little white balls. I didn’t know how I was ever going to get them off the laundry. Thankfully, they shook right off.

See what the floor and socks looked like?

Your laughing, aren’t you? That’s ok, I laughed, too!

I vacuumed out the washer. Even so the next two loads still had little white balls on them.

Remind me to never put cute, innocent looking pillows in the washer, okay?

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  1. mother in israel says:

    I've recently bought pillows clearly marked washable. And they are!

  2. I thought this one would make it through the washer fine, I was mistaken!