Our First Broken Bone

Abby fell last week rollerblading on our porch. I think it was Thursday. She came in and told me that she fell and hurt her arm. She wasn’t crying, and there were no marks on her arm.

So I said what every other Mother since the beginning of time has said, “Your fine, go back and play.” So she did.

She only complained a couple of times about it hurting over the weekend. It hurt the worst after she hoed in the garden on Monday. I had her sit with an ice pack on her arm, but she said it didn’t help. It was later in the afternoon, so I called for a doctors appointment the next day. Her favorite doctor wasn’t in on Tuesday, so she opted to wait until Wednesday for an appointment.

Tuesday her arm felt better. Wednesday morning, it was only bothering her when she used it.

I almost didn’t take her to the doctor.

The doctor (well, PA) examined her arm, moved it around pressed all over. Which didn’t even hurt, Abby said. She thought Abby probably pulled a tendon. She went ahead and xrayed it.

Surprise, Surprise, Abby has a break on her elbow.

When I found out, I apologized to Abby for not taking her to the doctor sooner. The PA told me not to feel guilty, she said she knew I was. She said it’s ok, I almost didn’t xray it.

She wrapped it, put on a sling, and told Abby not to use her arm, hand or even her fingers, until she sees the doctor tomorrow. Which is today. She can’t even hold a pencil until he decides if he wants to splint it, cast it, or send Abby to see an orthopedist.

Yeah, Abby wasn’t too broken up about the whole not holding a pencil and not doing schoolwork thing. She might have even been happy.

So we’ll find out this morning what they are going to do. She’s not in any pain. It only hurts when she uses it. And she’s not using it.

See? She even figured out how to play Wii left handed.

UPDATE…..Abby saw the doctor this morning, and he said it’s not broken. He said what the PA thought was a break, was actually the growth plate.

Abby has to wear the sling for 3 or 4 more days and be careful with her arm. Then she’s good to go. She’s already planning what she’s going to do first – bike riding, rollerblading…again.

I’m thankful it’s not broken. Especially since she has her Association Bible Drill Competition on Sunday.

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  1. Shamrocks and Shenanigans says:

    awww! Its so hard to see your kids hurt! I have four and boy have they gotten hurt over the years. Hang in there!
    Shamrocks and Shenanigans

  2. Yeah, it's hard to see them hurt or sick. Turns out it wasn't broken after all!