Saturday on the Farm

I mentioned last week that another one of our cats had kittens. Here they are….

Kittens are so cute. We now have 9 kittens, and 4 adult cats. We’re going to have to give away/sell the kittens. The kids won’t be happy, but what are we supposed to do with 13 cats?!

The dogwoods were in full bloom earlier this week.

They are so beautiful!

I hate to say it, but we STILL haven’t gotten anything planted in the garden. We have a long growing season here in Kentucky, but the longer we wait to put anything in, the longer we have to wait for fresh produce!

We have on more Bible Drill Competition tonight, and then everyone’s working in the garden.

Ok, it’s time for the Saturday on the Farm Carnival!

To participate, just write a post about your homestead, farm, farmette, or the tomato plant on your deck. Your cows, goats, chicken, or your favorite kitty cat.

In your post, include a link back to me. Then enter your link below.

It’s that easy! Hope to see your link below!

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