A Different Kind of Voting Experience

Our primary election day was yesterday. Only one senator race on the ballot, the rest were local elections. So I went and exercised my right to vote.

I went alone. Well, I went with my husband in the morning before he went to work. We didn’t take the kids with us.

I always take the kids to vote with me. We all crowd around and I vote. I have always taken all the kids. Even the teenagers that still want to go. It’s good for them. When they turn 18 and can vote, it’s not some new, strange thing to them. They already know how to do it. They can concentrate on the who, instead of the how. You know, the important part.

It felt so lonely by myself yesterday. A peek into what the future will be like. Just one little old lady all by herself.

Might have to drag the grandkids with me to keep me from being so lonely. If I ever get any.

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