Saturday on the Farm

Saturday on the Farm

It’s been a peaceful week on Crooked Creek Farm. Even the animals were laying around peacefully.

Meet Samson our male Boer Cross goat. He’s laying on top of the hay trough. I don’t how that thing holds him up, because he’s big.

The garden is doing well. And as you can see from the pictures, we haven’t been able to get out there and weed. There is enough spinach ready for a salad.

And look at our first tomato! I haven’t told my husband about it yet, or he’d want to make Fried Green Tomatoes!

These are wild black raspberries growing in our yard. We thought they were blackberries at first, as we have a lot of blackberries in our year. My husband looked them up, and they are black raspberries. They are so delicious!

These buds will be red raspberries very soon.

A red raspberry blossom.

Our Red Bud tree has so many seed pods this year. The whole tree looks like this. I’ve never seen so many before.

Ok, it’s time for the Saturday on the Farm Carnival!

To participate, just write a post about your homestead, farm, farmette, or the tomato plant on your deck. Your cows, goats, chicken, or your favorite kitty cat.

In your post, include a link back to me. Then enter your link below.

It’s that easy! Hope to see your link below!

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  1. What a lovely harvest you have ripening there! I was disappointed to not be able to plant spinach this spring, but we at least have some corn in as of yesterday!

  2. That is great you can farm like that. Thanks for hopping around with us this week. I have been slow to make it around to everyone this time!
    I am on the homeschool path- just not with 6 kids ;)- hats off to you!

  3. Ro Magnolia says:

    Hi, I just popped over from Java's Follow Friday. I love the pics of your farm/garden. Looks so tranquil. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and getting to know you better. :)

  4. Better late than never!

  5. Hi! Im following you back! Thanks for stopping by!