Storing Fresh Beets

I’ve been eating raw grated beets on my salads for a few months now. When I can find them in the stores, that is. I love them! I’m glad the lady at the health food store suggested them to me, as I probably wouldn’t have tried raw beets on my own, even though I like cooked beets.

My problem was getting them to last. I no sooner put them in the fridge and the would go soft. I tried cutting the greens off and leaving them on. It always produced the same results, soft beets, in just 1 days time.

So this week, when my husband came home from grocery shopping with 2 bunches of beets for me, I tried leaving them out on the counter.

These beets have been laying on the counter since Saturday afternoon. So that’s 4 days. They are not soft, and the greens haven’t gone bad. You can eat the greens by the way, I just haven’t tried them yet. The rabbits and chickens love them, though!

So that’s my kitchen tip. Leave your fresh beets on the counter, instead of putting them in the fridge. I think I’ll make sure and leave at least one out for a week and see how it does. I might even try it for 2 weeks, as we can’t buy them weekly at our stores.

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  1. The Prudent Homemaker says:

    The beet greens are great for a salad, or you can cook them. I cook them just like swiss chard. They are super-easy to grow, and unlike swiss chard, they get bigger when it's cold. They can handle a light frost; I grew mine in January.

  2. I'll have to try them. I was afraid they would be bitter. It would be nice to have fresh greens in January. I'll have to remember to leave some in the garden over the winter. Thanks!

  3. Jenny86753oh9 says:

    I needed that tip! I'm growing beets this year, but was worried they wouldn't last long. I'll be canning some, but others I just want fresh. Thanks!