WWW Wednesday

* What are you currently reading?Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore This book is different than her other books that I have read. Every chapter has several pages of Bible verses that pertain to the subject of that chapter.

* What did you recently finish reading?Presenting Miss Jane Austen by May Lamberton Beeker This is a biography of the novelist Jane Austen. This book was good, it had a different feel to it then the biographies that I usually read. Maybe it was because it was written in 1952? If you have an interest in Jane Austen, then you’ll like it. I’m not sure it would hold the attention of someone who wasn’t interested in Jane Austen or liked her books. The book has some lovely drawings. It’s intended for children also, it says ages 12 and up on the back.

Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story by Ben Carson, M.D. I pulled this book out for my daughter to read. It was just sitting on the table staring at me. So I re-read it. lol I love this book. It’s an autobiography of Dr. Carson that follows him from the inner city, where he was a kid with poor grades to being a pediatric neurosurgeon. This is really an excellent book. He talks about his life growing up, college, medical school, and tells about some of his surgery cases. Including separating conjoined twins.

* What do you think you’ll read next? The Messianic Church Arising! by Dr. Robert D. Heidler Looks like it talks about the early church, Biblical feasts, and what the church will look like in the future.

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