My New Laptop

Look at this!

I finally got a new laptop!

I’m loving it!

It was hard work, though, getting a wireless network set up and getting all my info transferred from the desktop to the laptop.

Considering I’ve never had anything to do with wireless networks before, and my tech guy, aka my son, being 15, and never having anything to do with wireless networks before, this was a big job!

But we muddled through. I even managed to transfer all my files over. This morning I figured out how to sync my Google Chrome bookmarks between the desktop and the laptop. Which is of major importance!

My son-in-law come over last night and did some touch up on the wireless network. Seems that Windows 7 likes to hog the wireless network. Which was totally not a problem for me, but the others in the house weren’t so pleased that they were having a hard time.

I have had my new laptop for less than 48 hours, and I’m extremely happy with it! And now my brain can rest from all the hard work, and enjoy it!

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