200 Sit Up Challenge Update

Phew! I was right, Week Three is challenging!
Today is Week Three Day Three for me.
What has surprised me, is that I haven’t been sore at all! I know that my stomach muscles were in pretty bad shape when I started. I have always had weak stomach muscles. I am actually doing more a few more sit ups in the last set than the number listed. I guess I shouldn’t complain, huh? lol
The funny part this last week was when I did the sit ups in the living room, and the kids were standing around yelling at me. The acted like they were Jillian, yelling at me to go higher and do more. It was very funny!


Today I decided to do my sit ups in the livingroom as the chair works better to hold my feet down, then the ironing pile I use in my room. (Yes, I have an ironing pile, and yes, I shoved my feet under the pile to do my sit ups. lol) Three kids walked in a different times to see my laying on the floor.

Here’s what they said:

Are you feeling alright?

Did you pass out?

What are you doing? To which I answered “exercising”. She then said “It doesn’t look like it.

roflol I was on the rest period, so I was just lying there. She didn’t think I was exercising.

But technically, I was. :)

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