Bible in 90 Days – Week 4 Update

I stayed up to date all last week, until Friday. I was only able to finish half of Fridays reading. Then on Saturday, due to a clothes giveaway at church, I was unable to read at all.

Thankfully, on Sunday, I completed 2 1/2 days to get caught up.

I have finished todays reading, through 2 Samuel 12:10.

I do find that the earlier in the day I start, the easier it is to finish. I’m still trying to train my family not to interrupt when I’m reading the Bible. Yeah, it’s not going so well. I’ve resorted to a quick “I can’t talk now” and going back to my reading. I don’t have little ones, my youngest will be 10 in 2 days. They are all old enough to wait until I’m done reading. Even the adults. lol  So I continue to train them. lol Maybe by the end, they’ll learn!

To see how everyone else is doing, visit Mom’s Toolbox.

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