Denture Tablets for Cleaning

Denture cleaning tablets actually have a lot of other uses, besides cleaning dentures.

I use them in flower vases that have gotten all grimy inside. When a regular washing isn’t enough, fill the vase with hot water past the dirt line in the vase and drop in a denture tablet. If it’s a large vase, you may need two or more tablets.

Denture tablets also work great in stained coffee and tea cups. Use the same procedure as above, to remove the tough stains.

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You can also use denture tablets to whiten fabric, cleaning jewelry, cleaning your childs retainer, and soaking off burnt on foods in pans and casserole dishes.

The generic brands of denture tablets are fairly cheap, and worth having in the house, even if you don’t wear dentures.

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  1. would of never thought of this before! thanks for sharing!


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