Saturday On The Farm

Saturday on the Farm

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a picture of the whole vegetable garden. I was standing in the road when I took this picture.You can see the two large yellow squash plants that are giving us lots of squash.

To the right of the squash plants there is a cantaloupe with 4 or 5 little melons on it. My son loves melon of any kind, and he’s already planning on eating these all himself. lol
To the left of the squash, you can see the two rows of green beans. We’ve gotten a big basketful so far. When these plants have finished, we’ll plant a fall crop of green beans.
It’s also almost time to plant lettuce, spinach and peas again, too.
We’ve also harvested several heads of cabbage, a few green bell peppers, a quite a few yellow squashes this week.
We didn’t get any tomatoes this week, but there are a lot of tomatoes on the vines.
My husband and son dug a hole to put in a water pump. Of course, we had heavy rains, and the whole promptly filled with water. So, if the water ever dries up, we’ll be getting a new pump near the garden and goat barn. It will be so much easier than dragging hoses over from the house.

In animal news, we’re not getting very many eggs at all. But with temps in the 90’s every day, it’s to be expected. We had some sad news this week, one of our goats died. It was one of the babies born earlier this year. It’s always sad when one of the animals dies. 

I put the flower pictures in another post. It works better to split the pictures up, instead of one super long post.

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  1. Jane @ Going Jane says:

    Cool linky idea! :)

  2. The Tidy Brown Wren says:

    Love your garden! I found you at An Oregon Cottage garden party.

  3. zentmrs says:

    Everything is so green! Love it!

  4. Its A Blog Party says:

    Love your garden! It's beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. The garden looks so lush and green, just beautiful.

    Sounds like you are busy harvesting lots… are you preserving?

    visiting from tgp…

  6. You have a great view of your veggie garden- looks like fun to work in. Thanks for sharing this and your flowers at the TGP.