Saturday On The Farm

Saturday on the Farm

This week I worked on preserving some of our harvest.  This is part of what my husband carried in the other night night.

This is one huge tomato! That’s my hand holding it, granted, I have small hands, but it’s a huge tomato!

Oh boy, was it ever delicious!

I blanched and froze the green beans I told you about last week.

I got 5 quart bags of the greasey beans.

I also worked on the yellow squash. I filled 3 dehydrator trays with the seedy parts of the squash. I do use these in soups in the winter, but I also re-hydrate and feed to the goats and chickens during the winter.

I blanched and froze the yellow squash, also.

I got 5 quart bags, and I still have a pile of yellow squash waiting to be processed.

Here’s the dehydrated squash still on the tray.

Three full trays dehydrated down to less than half a quart jar.

The other night, a neighbor brought us some “goose beans”. I had never heard of them before. He said you cook and eat them like green beans as long as the pods are green. When the start turning pink, you can’t eat the pod. Then you dry them, and  you cook and eat the dried bean, not the pod. We’re going to save some for seed, also, as our neighbor said you can’t buy goose beans anymore.
I cooked some of the green ones, and they taste like a green bean. They are much larger than a green bean, though.
I threaded the ones that were pink, or turning pink so they would dry.

I’ve always wanted to try this. I think the beans look so cool hanging there. Apparently, I am greatly amused by hanging beans. lol

I have a big bowl of green ones still, that I’m going to blanch & freeze. If I feel better, I might break out the pressure canner and can the beans, and the rest of the yellow squash.

I’m going to freeze the little onions whole. If I do break out the pressure canner, I might can them. Can you say creamed onions for Thanksgiving and Christmas? yum

I put the flower pictures in another post. It works better to split the pictures up, instead of one super long post.

Ok, it’s time for the Saturday on the Farm Carnival!

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  1. Am I envious of you and your farm and fresh vegetables. I'm living the life I want to live through you. I might just start growing tomatos in my window just to get a small taste of your life. Smiles.

  2. If you do break out your pressure canner I hope you will stop by my "Canning Week Blog Party" we will have tips, recipes, a linky party and a give-a-way. I hope you can participate. happy food preservation!!

  3. ~Holly~ says:

    Wowzas! What an amazing harvest!

  4. That tomato looks amazing! There is nothing better than fresh off the vine tomatoes! Those ones we get from the store don't taste like anything! Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Sherri : )

  5. Jacqueline says:

    My first one looked like a marble compared to that tomato. I have never ever, ever grown one like that. Wow.

  6. Love Bears All Things says:

    I enjoyed seeing and hearing you describe the produce and what you were doing with it. Thanks for sharing.
    Mama Bear

  7. You had a great bounty there. We have been enjoying lots of fresh produce too and my fruit trees gave a ton. We have been freezing up a storm as well:)

  8. Great harvest, Linda- thanks for sharing!