Blooming Flowers

I’ve been talking lots of butterfly pictures this week. Our butterfly bush is just full of them. This morning, I managed to get a picture of a butterfly on the mimosa tree. They were going from blossom to blossom. Taking  this picture was no easy feat, as I’m short and the tree is tall. lol
Here’s a little video I took of the butterflies on the butterfly bush.

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  1. We love watching the butterflies on our butterfly bush. Video is definitely the way to capture them!

  2. It's always fun to see butterflies and to capture them with your camera is a bonus!

  3. I have several butterfly weeds growing (similiar in shape to a milkweed) but have never gotten a butterfly bush started. They are just beautiful!

  4. Dragonfly Treasure says:

    OMG! Your video is fab! They sure love that bush :)

  5. The mimosa tree is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your video. Have a great day!

  6. Wonderful…what a clever way to share what you see.

  7. Beautiful- I still love buddleias, even if they are a noxious weed in Oregon. Thanks for sharing this!