Keeping Recipes Handy

When I’m cooking or baking, I like to keep often used recipes close at hand. I don’t want to have to get out the big cookbook every time I make our favorites.
To keep those recipes handy, I hang them on the inside of the cabinet door.
Yeah, I didn’t even trim the recipe I ripped out of the flour bag. lol You could, of course, make it look neater. :)  The recipes I keep here, are always changing. Sometimes I have computer print-outs, and sometimes, actual recipe cards. lol I use tape to hang the recipes, unless I write them on large post it notes, like the white sheets are in this picture. I also use the tacky stuff that you can buy for hanging papers on the wall. You’ll have t o experiment to see what works best on your cabinet doors.
This is the cabinet that I keep my measuring cups, baking spices, vanilla, yeast, baking powder, baking soda & salt in. It’s very convenient to keep the recipes here, as I have to open the door to get the ingredients.

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  1. That's where I keep my favorite recipes too! It's super handy!

  2. I have started hanging some recipes here too! So handy…

  3. My favorite recipes look very similar to yours – hand written and dog eared! Great tip!


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