Our Homeschool Week in Review #2

2 weeks down, many more to go!

Like I said last week, not much work took place in the school room itself. Only Algebra (Teaching Textbooks) and Spanish (Rosetta Stone)were done in the schoolroom, as that is where the computers are. I would like to replace our main desktop with a laptop next spring, so I’m sure the kids will have it all over the house, too.

10th grade is going well for my son. He wasn’t too happy to see how big and heavy his Biology book was. lol

My daughter, 9th grade, said school was fine this week. She said History took much longer than she wanted it to. She’s trying to finish high school early.

The 6th grader did great this week. No problems from her, as she likes school.

The 4th grade boy is another story! Since this is my third 10 year old boy, I’m not surprised! He has been my challenge this week. Yeah, lets just say he hasn’t been able to play video games this week. Or this weekend. If he gets his act together, he can have them back next week. It’s all up to him! :)

The only out of the house activity we had during school hours this week was working at the Outreach Center on Monday. My son, the 10th grader, worked for over 3 hours packing and handing out boxes of food. The rest of us didn’t stay. We are going to get back on schedule though, and work there all together. He’ll work in food, and the rest of us will work in the clothes. Unless they need us to work in the food when they’re open to the public. I have found that kids are never too young to volunteer. You just have to find an activity suited to their ages. (Well, ok, 1 & 2 year olds are too young for most things.)

Yesterdays highlight was staying up late to watch the meteor showers. We didn’t see very many where we’re at. Only a couple of kids saw one. Their trying again tonight. They’ll do anything to stay up late! lol

Anyway, we had a great 2nd week of school. On to Week 3!

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  1. We don't use a school room area either. We do it all over the house! Sounds like a good week for you all.


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