Homeschool Week In Review – Week 7

I didn’t get a week in review post up last week. Ok, the week before either!  I am going to try to do one every week. 
I thought I’d include a project from last week, since it turned out so well.
The kids made Shofars. I got the directions from Adventures in Mama Land. The really loved making them.

We used wheat wallpaper paste to paper mache the newspaper onto the forms. Then we covered it with brown paper lunch bags. Once they were dry, we used a mixture of white glue and water to seal it, and make sure all the edges were glued down. They opted to only put one coat on. I think the shofars would have been shiner if they had done more

They really work! I love this picture of them all lined up with their shofars!

Earlier this week, I made a math workstation for the 10 yo boy. I talked more about it here. It really has cut down on the amount of times I have had to say “sit still and work”.  And that’s good for both of us.

We are in the process of reading The Chronicles of Narnia – The Dawn Treader in anticipation of the movie coming out in December. The kids are really looking forward to that, and we are reading the book out loud at their insistence. :)
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  1. Very cool! Great idea for a mapstation, that must help him to focus! Love your site. We live in the city and with the school system the way it is, we will (well hopefully if we're blessed with a child) one day be homeschooling. Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Stopping by from the wrap up link. I love the work station– my boys are always getting distracted by each other. That might help. I like your project too!

  3. I love the work station. My older kids have a desk with a wall just for pinning up charts. And I use a board for my younger one. I never have enough room!
    Cardboard is perfect!

  4. my kids have little workstations (we call them offices) made from file folders and they really help them focus.

  5. I like your math station. :)
    The narnia books are among our favorites. It's always bittersweet to come to the end of a great book.