Saturday On The Farm

Saturday on the Farm

Jewelweed is in full bloom all over the property right now. It has popped up is so many places this year. I guess that’s my reward for the guys not keeping up with all the weed wacking this year. Most of it is growing where it would have been cut down.

I plan on harvesting a lot of leaves to use for poison ivy.
In the vegetable garden, the seeds we planted for the fall garden are all coming up. These are little peas.

Here are the green beans. And the weeds. ugh…

One of the cats was following me around and jumped in the picture. Silly cat.

These plants are either yellow summer squash or zucchini. My husband left the packages out there as markers. Except these are in the section of the garden the chickens got into. Some of the packages were moved, so we’re not sure if they are right. lol Both squashes did come, though, time will tell which is which. lol

We think we see carrot & beet plants, as well as cabbage. They are down by the squash, and lets just say, thanks to the chickens, they are no longer in rows!

The spinach and lettuce are safe down by the peas, where the chickens didn’t bother. So they are in nice little rows.

Speaking of the chickens, they have taken to roosting in this tree at night.

The rest jumped down when they saw me with the camera. Guess they didn’t want their picture taken. They have a nice house, but they choose a tree. I just wish they would lay their eggs where we can find them! lol

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  1. Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks says:

    Hey Linda! I'm following you back on networked blogs! Hope you're having an awesome weekend! :)

  2. So you can grow summer veggies in the fall where you are? Cool! It will be interesting to see how your garden grows- so different from my own!
    Thanks for sharing at the TGP.