This Weeks Favorites

I love this video from Enjoy!

Now for the links:

This Twisted Felt Garland Necklace looks really cool and the technique can be used for bracelets and necklaces, too.

Spiced Hang Ups

Melted Snowman Ornament

The Best Crochet Slippers You’ll Ever Make

These Peanut Butter Dough Balls look yummy.

This recipe for Jammin Sugar Cookie Thumbprints would be great for kids to make by themselves as it only has 4 ingredients.

How about One recipe, Four Cookies, great for making cookie trays.

Make a healthier Green Bean Casserole for Christmas Dinner.

Cheesecake Cookies

The Untold Story of Butter

5 Tips For Staying Organized

The 50 Best Homeschool Blogs

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  1. Thanks for the blog visit and kind comment! Loved the video, thanks for sharing!