Fingerless Gloves

My hands get so cold in the winter. Wearing gloves works, if I’m not doing anything. When is a mom ever not doing anything? So when I can across the pattern for these Toasty Mitts, I knew I had to make some.

I love them! I did adjust the pattern to fit my hands, as I have small hands. I could only get a picture of one, since everyone else is in bed. But my other hand looks just like this one. :) Apparently, I can take pictures without my glasses, as their laying on the laptop!

I am now making my daughter a pair.  Although, since the pattern is easy to follow, she could make her own.  Even if you can do something yourself, it’s still nice to have Mom do it for you sometimes. :)

I love wearing my fingerless gloves while on the computer! They keep my hands toasty warm, so my fingers stay limber for typing fast. lol

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