Saturday on the Farm

I have a lot more pictures to share this week. There is so much to see and enjoy this time of year. So let’s get started.
The Iris’s are in full bloom in the a/c garden. It’s named the a/c garden because the a/c unit is in the middle of the garden. lol Original, I know. lol

The yellows are all blooming, and the purples are just getting started. These Iris’s only bloom once.

This garden is also where the girls plant whatever flowers they want. They planted glad bulbs that had been given to us last year. Those are all coming up again. This year, I bought them some Purple Hyacinth Bean seeds, (the link goes to the actual ones I bought, it is an affiliate link). I found pictures of a trellis that I really liked made out of branches, so they are going to be building that shortly so they can get the seeds planted. The package says to wait until nights are above 50, and we had it dip down into the 30’s this past week. So we have another week or two to get it done.

The Blackberries are blooming. Which explains the cold weather this week, Blackberry Winter. This is our last “winter”, so the temps will be getting steadily warmer.

Blackberry cobbler, blackberry jelly………..

I began my tour by the back door. When I had made my way around to the front yard, this is what I found at the front door. lol They always come and look in the front door. They will even “knock”. I’m pretty sure they are looking in to see if we are eating anything good. lol

 I do have seeds planted in the flower pots, and they are coming up, just not big enough to see in the picture.

The Raspberry bushes are blooming! These vines spread so much, that we have more plants than last year. My husband also transplant about 5 or 6 more plants that were coming up at his parents house. They gave us the raspberry plants a couple years ago, so they can keep their patch down to a workable size for them. We would love to have a very large patch, hopefully with enough to sell. Might be another year or two, but that is our goal.

My daughter found this flower growing on the side of the road, and transplanted it into the flower garden in front of the house. I don’t know what kind it is, but it is pretty.

You may be wondering why you haven’t seen more of our vegetable garden than just the tomato plants that I started. That’s because our garden looks like this:

Not pretty. We have had so much rain the last couple of months, that we haven’t been able to get out there. It’s just to soggy. The farmers around here haven’t been able to get their crops in for the same reason. Thankfully, we have a long growing season here. I’m hoping it will dry out enough this week to get in there and work.

The grapes are getting big. The vines have a lot of grapes this year. I need to make sure we cover them in a few weeks to keep the birds from eating them all. Again this year.

We  have a couple of strawberry plants that showed up in the herb garden a couple of years ago. I call them wild strawberries, but I don’t know for sure if they are “wild” or if the kids threw strawberries out there, and they seeded themselves. It’s also possible that the chickens dragged strawberries into the herb garden to eat and they got planted that way. Whatever happened, the strawberries are doing nicely. I sure would love to have a big strawberry bed. Someday…..

That’s some of what’s growing in my yard now. What’s growing at your house?

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