Saturday On The Farm

In addition to my usual tour, I thought I’d share the view from my rocking chair on the front porch. :)
Looking straight ahead, I see the white Butterfly bush with the new planter under it, and the front bulb garden with the butterfly house. Behind all those trees and rose bushes, is the road. Eventually, the area between the Butterfly Bush and the porch will be all garden.

Looking to the left, I can see the front garden, with the glads, hostas, and the small cedar tree. Not seen in the picture are the Sedum and Celosia. The first bush you come to out in the yard is a small Butterfly Bush, this one purple, the next two smaller plants are Hardy Hibicus. One is pink, the other white. These bushes were planted out there a few years ago as part of our long term plan. There will be a long ramp going off this side of the porch, all the way out to the end of the house, then a sidewalk around the corner of the house to the driveway. Both sides of the ramp will be gardens, up to, and including these bushes.

Looking off to the right, you can see the other half of the front garden. Containing Hostas, glads, a small cedar tree, and a Holly tree on the end, were the garden wraps around the house to become the a/c garden (the garden around the air conditioner, lol ) There is a metal wash tub you can see by the Holly tree, with nothing planted in it yet! The blue you can see in the picture is the pool that isn’t set up yet. The two houses you can see are where our parents live, my in-laws live in the brown house, and my mother in the tan one across the street. Even though there doesn’t look like a road is there, it is. We have our own little compound here.  :) To the left of the ramp, will eventually be a garden that wraps around the front up to the Butterfly Bush.

So, that’s the view from my rocking chair. :)

This is my husband getting ready to plant the tree that Abby, 12, started from an acorn. She is very protective of her little tree, and did not want it to go outside.

The Daylilies in the Bible Garden are blooming. I love them!

The Rose is right next to the Daylilies. It’s huge!

You can see how big it is.

The grapes are doing well. So far, the birdies are leaving them alone. Hope they continue to do so!

In the herb garden behind the house, the Echinaea is starting to bloom. I look forward to these flowers every year. This year, I hope to learn how to harvest the roots to save for medicinal purposes.

A pile of clippings got left by the back stairs for too long, and the grass died. So, what else is one to do, but put in a new garden?! Abby, 12, help me get it ready and plant. We planted Lavendar,Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, and Parsley. We also planted Marigold around the outside of the garden on three sides. We used plant markers that I had cut from a plastic milk jug. My goal this year is to grow enough of the herbs that I use most often to last until next summer. :)

Here you can see the whole thing. The bush behind the garden, next to the stairs are Lilacs, we transplanted last spring. They didn’t bloom this year, but I’m hopeful for next year. :) The stairs lead up to our back porch, and then right into my kitchen with my herbs. That makes this cook very happy.  :)

We covered the garden with netting to keep the chickens out. They just love fresh dirt! The herb garden with the Echinacea is on the other side of the gravel sidewalk you can see at the bottom of the stairs. I’ll have to get a picture of both gardens together next week.

This is our main vegetable garden. Which we are still in the process of planting. That’s Hannah, 15, working hard while I’m taking pictures. I’m standing on the road at the end of our driveway taking this picture.

The green beans are planted on both sides of these fences. And 3 hills of cucumbers are planted amongst the cardboard. Yellow Squash and Zucchini are coming to the right of the cucumbers.

Hannah is busy planting Broccoli, her favorite vegetable. The creek is where the weeds are tall. And our Comfrey and Asparagus are on the other side of the creek. We are going to plant corn over there, too, very soon.

The Lambs Ear in the Bible Garden is starting to bloom!

Hope you enjoyed my little tour this week. See ya next week!

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