Saturday On The Farm

Last week, when I told you about putting in a new herb garden, I said we put netting on top to keep the chickens out. Turns out, we really need it to keep the little kittens out.

Even with all the animal traffic, the herbs are starting to grow. So I’m happy about that. Now I just need to figure out a fence or something to keep the animals out when the plants get too tall for the netting.

We’ve done a lot of work in the vegetable garden this week. We got most of the tomato seedlings in the ground. This is my husband and two of the kids cutting holes in the cardboard to plant the seedlings.

It got dark while we were out there working, and the moon paid us a visit.

The grass and weeds are getting tall along the fence. Here’s Zach, my youngest cutting them down with scissors. Hey, it works, and keeps him busy. :)

We have raspberries almost ready! Actually, one was ready. It had an ant on it, and when I brushed the ant off, the perfectly ripe raspberry fell to the ground, and I couldn’t find it. I was sorry to not be able to eat it. I’m looking forward to these being ready.

These are Black Raspberries that are growing wild in our yard.  These are really yummy, too.

The girls got a lot of flowers planted this week. Plants as well as seeds. They spent the night with their older, married sister, who took them plant shopping. They came home with some flowers and had fun deciding where to plant them.

Hannah planting some Celosia seeds around the plant that I already had.

These are more Wild Roses growing in front of the house.

How are your gardens doing this week?

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