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Our garden is really giving us lots of produce now. Cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, and green beans. An awesome neighbor who we also go to church with gave us about 7 or 8 dozen ears of corn. See, awesome! We didn’t get any corn planted this year, so it definitely was a blessing.  :)

The kids and I canned 20 quarts of corn and 13 quarts of dill pickles last week. Not as much as some can get done in a week, but since I have days that I still don’t feel the greatest, we did pretty good.


We also tried our hand at corn cob jelly. It didn’t set up, though. It tastes pretty good. I’d read that it tastes like honey. We haven’t opened any of the jars to try yet, but the pan scrapings tasted sweet. We may use it as pancake syrup or something similar. We’ll use it for something, as I won’t just throw it away because it didn’t set up.


This week is family reunion week for use. We have family visiting from Massachusetts, with more coming later in the week from MA and Ohio. It’s been lots of fun so far. My mother in law and I got together and planned the menu for the week and split up the cooking. You can see what I’m making on my menu plan.


So it’s a busy, fun week for us this week!


What did you do last week to make your house a home?



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