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I’m been spending lots of time canning this week. It takes me longer, as I don’t work as fast as I used to. Here’s what I got done in the last week or so.

Above is 3 quarts of yellow squash, 6 quarts of green beans, 6 quarts and 6 pints of dill pickles, and 8 half pints of sweet relish. Below is a close up.

Below is 14 half pints of sweet relish and 8 half pints of hot pepper jelly (we did not grow the peppers).

Here’s a close up of the hot pepper jelly.

I did have help stirring one day.

That’s Hannah, and she even took a turn ladling.

hmmmmm….I must have missed taking a picture of those finished jars. They’re 8 pints of hot pepper jelly. I also just realized that I missed taking pictures of an additional 6 quarts of green beans


And here’s what I got done today: 6 pints bread and butter pickles, 5 pints salsa and 6 half pints of grape juice.

I made the salsa from  a mix that m husband brought home.  You just had to use tomatoes and vinegar, the peppers and onions are in the mix.  I used tomatoes from our garden, and a few from a neighbors garden. The mix is very convenient. Of course, I would rather use my own peppers and onions, but we didn’t grow any this year, so I used what my husband brought home.

You can see pictures of all the fruits and vegetables we harvested on my Saturday on the Farm post.

What did you do last week to make your house a home?



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  1. Oh, I was hoping to can this year…alas, the deer and squirrels enjoyed our food…apparently, we didn’t plant enough for us…only them!