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This week I made tomato sauce for the first time. It was fun. A lot of work, though. I used our regular tomatoes. If you use roma or another paste type tomato, you get more sauce from what I hear.

One tip that I have is if your cutting tomatoes or something equally juicy, place your cutting board in a pan or dish with sides to keep the juice confined. I have also place a dish towel under the cutting board to absorb the juice.

I forgot to weigh the tomatoes before I started, so you get pictures of the tomatoes in the pan with a ruler. lol This is my largest stock pot. As you can see, it’s about 11 inches across.

And about 11 inches high.  The tomatoes were to within 2 inches of the top.

I got to use my new to me food mill for the first time. I love it!

From that large pan, I got 2 bowls of juice. The tub in the back has the tomato skins and seeds that were left.

I did another pan of tomatoes, too. This time the large pan was about half full and I got one bowl of juice. I combined all the juice and simmer for a almost 3 hours. It still wasn’t thick enough, so I poured it into two crockpots on low overnight. In the morning, I poured it all back into a pan and boiled for about another hour. Then processed for 40 minutes in a water bath canner.

And tada……..

After all that, I got 3 quarts of tomato sauce. I know, not much sauce for a lot of work. This is like liquid red gold. roflol

I think I will try dehydrated some next. I have read that once the tomatoes are dried, place in the food processor or blender to turn into a powder, Then when ready, just add water to the consistency  you want. Sounds easier to me. lol And I’m pretty sure the dehydrator uses less electric than running the stove for all those hours.

So that will be my next project.




What did you do last week to make your house a home?



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