Saturday on the Farm

We’ve been having low temps in the 30’s a couple of nights.Everything is starting to die off, but we still have a few things growing.

In the Bible Garden, we have Roses blooming. There is even another bud coming. The red dot in the background is another Rose at the other end of the garden.

The huge Rose.

We’ve been having to cover what’s left in the garden. The Zucchini plant finally succumbed to the cold, though.

These are the Turnips, Radishes, and Lettuce. They are under the blue tarp above.

We’ve been able to keep the tomatoes going thus far, but the plants are getting spindly looking. This is what most of the plants looked like at lunch time today. After supper, my husband went out and picked all the tomatoes. They brought in 3 grocery store bags full of tomatoes. There were a lot of green ones. We’ll left some ripen in the house, and the others I’ll slice and freeze. Fried Green Tomatoes will be a nice treat in the middle of winter.  :)

The Raspberries have stopped putting out berries. I only found these, and 2 pale pink ones today.

Hannah decided she wanted to try saving seeds from the Hibiscus plants today. The leaves are all gone, and the seed heads are dried out.

This is the Purple Hyacinth Bean. I only found a couple of flowers left, but the leaves are still green. This is over 10 feet tall. We have had fun growing this for the first time this year. I’m a little disappointed that the seed pods are only about 3 inches long when the package said 8-10 inches long. Maybe next year we’ll get some that size.

Tonight for supper we had salad from the garden. Lettuce, tomatoes and radishes. yum!

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  1. It does my heart good to tour around the gardens that are linked into my little party…I so wish every one of the people who share lived close enough that I could walk the gardens in person. Thank you so much for sharing with me this week…I hope you will again very soon!
    I am sharing this post on my Facebook page for Tootsie Time
    Hugs and smiles from Alberta Canada to you!
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    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.
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