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I’ve been working on the over 200 pounds of fresh potatoes we had given to us. I’m canning as many as I have jars for, them I will freeze some. I also have a bin of them in the coldest room in our house. If I run out of canning jars and freeze space, I’ll use them fresh.

This is the first time I’ve canned potatoes. The Ball Blue Book says to peel the potatoes before canning them. I have seen a few blog posts where they are canning the potatoes with the skin on. So I am canning the small potatoes whole with the skin on.

Please, read the recommendations and then do what your comfortable with. I am by no means a potato canning expert. I am just showing what I did.  Also, potatoes have to be pressure canned. You can not can potatoes using the water bath method.

Here are a few links on canning potatoes:
National Center for Home Preservation

Simply Canning

Pick Your Own



What did you do last week to make your house a home?



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