Our Homeschool Week in Review


The girls played their first every volleyball game this week! Here they are leaving for the game. They play for a homeschool team. None of the 12 girls on the team had played on a volleyball team before.

They actually played 2 games against a Christian school in another town. Unfortunately, they lost both games. 25-5 and 25-9. They have at least 2 more games tomorrow. It’s a tournament, if they win, they will play more than 2 games. They are doing very well for just starting, I think. The coach is a homeschool dad and he’s very good with them.


While the girls were out practicing volleyball in our yard yesterday, Hannah noticed the clouds in the sky and took a bunch of pictures. This is one of them.




Hannah is working through a Digital Photography Unit Study by Amanda Bennet. She likes photography, and is working through this at her own pace.

Zach is doing great with his reading. He’s reading through Berrenstain Bears books now, only having to ask what unfamiliar words are.

Calen was happy to finish Algebra 1 a before our Sabbath week last week. This week he started working in a math book called Applying Mathematics – A Consumer/Career Approach and he likes it MUCH better than algebra.

I have a review going up tomorrow for another great product from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Review Crew. Zach and I both loved it! Check back tomorrow to see what it it!


Here are a few links I found interesting and helpful:

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