Bible in 90 Days – Week 6 Check In


Hello everyone!

This check-in finds us starting Week 6.

How did everyone’s week go?  Me? I’m still behind.

I’m not giving up, though! And neither should you!!

Let’s keep reading together, and before we know it, we’ll be caught up!


I hope and pray everyone has an AWESOME week reading God’s Word!

Leave a comment below with your progress!



Bible in 90 Days Resources:

Here is a Bible in 90 Days bookmark to print so you can check off your reading every day.

You can also visit Mom’s Tool Box to download several You Are Here in the Bible pages. These pages have all the major information from each days reading, major events, themes and people. These are awesome pages! Great for anyone looking for an overview of the Bible

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  1. I got caught up this past week. Now I look forward to hopefully staying on schedule! No matter if I am on schedule or not, I am enjoying my time reading and am quite happy that I have stuck to it! Thanks for helping me get, and stay, motivated to do this.

  2. Tabatha Ricketts says:

    I’m still reading and still behind but did catch up some last night. Have a great and blessed week.