Our Homeschool Week in Review

My 11 year old,, Zach, has been using Math Rider in addition to his regular Rod & Staff math. I reviewed it for The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew. My review of Math Rider has now posted, so I can talk about it. He loved it! I love this picture, as he always does that with his lips when he’s concentrating on something.

If your looking for a math game that helps your kids master the 4 basic functions, check out my Math Rider review.

The kids have also been preparing for another episode of The Geek Show. That’s the show they film. They put a lot of time and effort into the shows. They also manage to completely trash the house multiple times for each episode. sigh……They love it, and they are learning, so I let them do it. Then make them clean it up!  :)

Abby worked on a backdrop for The Geek Show Trivia. It’s going to be a show within a show type thing. Their poor unsuspecting guest stars won’t know what hit them. As my kids will know the questions and answers and the guests won’t. Should be funny! lol

Yes, I got permission to use the funny face picture. lol

For Home Ec, Hannah made two loaves of Challah Bread and Apple Pie last Friday. She actually cut enough apples for two pies so I could make a pie with a gluten free crust.  Judging by how fast the family ate her bread and pie, they were really good!

Apple Pie

Hannah's Apple Pie


On Wednesday, I looked at the calendar, and realized that this week was supposed to be our Sabbath Week. Oops! So we’re going to finish out the week and have our Sabbath Week next week. We missed the last Sabbath Week, as they didn’t get all their work done to be able to take a week off. Missing that week improved their work, and everyone is looking forward to this Sabbath Week. Including Me!  :)


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  1. The pie looks super yummy! What is Sabbath Week? Is it a week of rest?
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