Our Homeschool Week in Review

We were inside the other day, while Zack was outside. We heard him yell “YAHOO!” at the top of his lungs. Really. Because all the doors and windows were shut and we all heard him clearly. Then he came running in the house all excited.

He found a 4 leaf clover!

We have it pressing right now. He checks it every day, and tries to convince me that it’s ready. lol I’ll have to frame it for him otherwise he’ll have it worn out from handling it. lol

The weather has been nice this week, so he’s been wanting to eat lunch outside just about every day. His favorite place is on the swingset.  Abby ate out with him once or twice. I remember when they all wanted to eat lunch out everyday on those first warm days of spring.  Now the teenagers would rather go on the computer on their lunch break. sigh… I think I’ll stock up on picnic food for him.  :)

Hannah was busy this week knitting. She knit a shawl from some mohair yarn she had given to her. She did an excellent job!

crocheted shawl

Abby saw a picture for an Easter Garden on Facebook the other day. So she decided to make one. She looked around and was able to find enough stuff to put it together.

The finished scene. Well, except for the grass. We just have to wait for it to grow. She did a great job!

Why yes, actual book work did get done this week. Along with lots of studying for the upcoming Bible Drill Competitions.

Recently, I had Calen, 11th grade start The Art of Argument. It’s a logic course written for middle schoolers, but is also good for high schoolers who have not studied logic before. Check out my review of The Art of Argument.


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  1. Wow! That shawl is impressive! And I love the Easter garden. I’ve seen that around on Pinterest.

  2. LOVE the garden – we did one year. Your daughter knitted that herself, so impressive !! (I can only crochet a scarf)