I Went Shopping!

I went shopping on Tuesday. And it was delivered today! I LOVE Amazon Prime! You know what else I love? Shopping for free!

I had earned some Amacom.com giftcards from Swagbucks and  Superpoints. Both of these programs are easy to use and easy to redeem your points for giftcards. On Superpoints, you can also redeem your points for Paypal CASH!! How awesome is that?
I also had money on a pre-paid card from doing surveys for Pinecone Research. I have been doing surveys for them for a couple of years now.

Anyway, I went shopping for a few things we needed. Like ink for the printer, a new SD card, a book, and seeds for our garden. Here’s what I bought:


Seeds of Change S10772 Certified Organic Roma Paste Tomato, 50 Seed Count

Kodak Color Ink Cartridge (8946501)

Seeds of Change S11095 Certified Organic Valencia Storage Onion, 350 Seed Count

Ferry-Morse 3023 Organic Carrot Seeds, Danver’s #126 (2.5 Gram Packet)

Sandisk 4GB Secure Digital SD HC Memory Card (SDSDB-4096, BULK, No Reader)

Seeds of Change S17171 Certified Organic Cal Wonder Orange Bell Sweet Pepper, 50 Seed Count

Seeds of Change S10698 Certified Organic Lemon Balm, 200 Seed Count

Ferry-Morse 3140 Organic Tomato Seeds, Beefsteak (600 Milligram Packet)

Eat Your Yard: Edible Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Herbs, and Flowers For Your Landscape

Ferry-Morse 3121 Organic Spinach Seeds, Bloomsdale Long Standing (6 Gram Packet)

Ferry-Morse 3064 Organic Lettuce Seeds, Romaine (1.8 Gram Packet)


I bought 11 items, that normally costs  $67.71 on Amazon.com. Thanks to my gift cards and survey money, I only paid $11.69, including tax!

I had to buy the ink anyway, so for LESS than the price of the ink, I got all those items!

I’m a happy shopper! lol



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