Saturday on the Farm

Two weeks ago, I planted some seeds, so I thought I’d share my little seedlings with you. You can see some of the seeds I post this year in this post.

This tray has Brussel Sprouts in the very front (they look purplish) and Broccoli in the back.

Here we have a couple of little Lemon Balm seedlings. I’m excited to try this in some iced tea. The little guy on the right is Basil.

These little Orange Peppers finally made an appearance. I was beginning to wonder, even though I just bought the seeds this year. The Green Pepper seeds were planted only a week ago, and none of those are up yet.

I have a lot of Thyme coming up. This is the first year I’ve grown Thyme. That’s one lonely Horehound plant on the left. My Horehound in my herb garden died out, so I’m having to start over. I need to plant a few more seeds in here, as it doesn’t look like any more are coming.

I have a big tray full of tomato plants. I planted Roma, Beefsteak and Cherry tomatoes. The Cherries didn’t come up at all, so I need to replant those. The Roma and Beefsteak are doing well. They have their first real leaves starting to come out.

I was at the farm store recently, and found these garden shoes. As soon as I saw the name, I knew I wanted a pair. Sloggers. I just like that name. Maybe because it rhymes with blogger? lol

It was a cold, rainy day today, so I put my Sloggers on and slogged out to take a few pictures.

We have a lot of buds on the Blackberries.

The Chives are blooming. This poor little guy was bogged down by the rain.

I found a lot of Iris buds. Can’t wait for these to open!



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  1. Sloggers, ha ha cool! Does that say Made in the USA on the tag, it looks like it but I can’t tell for sure. :)
    TheBargainBabe recently posted..$40 for foundation? Make Up For Ever under scrutiny.My Profile

  2. You’re well on your way to a full and productive garden! Good job on getting things started ahead of time. It’s always fun to watch the seeds open and grow. Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday! ~~Rhonda
    ~~Rhonda recently posted..back in the garden againMy Profile

  3. Love your blooms and LOVE your sloggers too!We were having extrememly warm weather for NY but now its very cool again.

  4. I love seeing seeds pop up- so sad to have not started any seeds this season – yet! I do have hopes of getting some seedlings growing for a late summer and fall garden. :-) Thanks for sharing with us!