Freezing in Jars

Did you know you can use jars in the freezer? Jars are great for freezing. As long as you leave plenty of head space. Frozen food expands, and if not given enough head space, the expansion will pop the lid off or break the jar. Which leaves a mess in the freezer!

This is my freezer door. The small jars on the top shelf are orange juice slushies. The bottom shelf has green peppers, cooked pinto beans with broth and pizza sauce all in jars.

freezing in jars

The kids love juice slushies during the summer. And they’re great for sore throats any time of the year. Having cooked beans in the freezer is such a time saver!

You can use canning jars, or glass jars you save from peanut butter or condiments. Since you can use the glass jars instead of throwing them away, you will save money buying freezer bags or plastic containers.

Freezing in jars works for me!


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