Our Homeschool Week in Review

We had a pretty low key week this week. Nothing major to report.  Which makes for a nice week!

The kids did their book work, of course. Abby is doing 2 or 3 math lessons a day so she can finish and get extra time off this summer. Extra vacation time is a great motivator. lol The kids are slowing finishing books. Since we school year round, they work until they finish, then start another book. We have a pretty low keyed transition to the next grade.

3 of the kids spent time swimming in our pool this week. 1 was smart enough to stay out of the freezing cold water. lol

Zach was out walking by the creek the other day, and found a frog. He came running in to get the camera and here’s one of the pictures he took. He did a great job taking this picture!

Next week is Sabbath Week! Which means we are on vacation next week! We do have a couple of reviews for the Review Crew we have to work on, though. While the kids are enjoying a week off, I will be working still. I will be working on transcripts. I do believe I will be quite busy!


Here are a few homeschooling links I found interesting and helpful:
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Free Civil War Curriculum – elementary, middle and high school curriculums
Borrow free dissection tools – I haven’t used this, but it sounds cool.
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Book It Program – It’s time to sign up for next school year. We’ve done this in the past, and the kids love to get their own pizzas.


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