Our Homeschool Week in Review

This week was our first week of vacation! We’re taking the month of July off.

Three of of the kids  kept their heads buried in electronics of some sort until Wednesday. When they finally came up for air and played Monopoly. I was getting aggravated with all the electronics, and told them Thursday morning I was setting time limits. Like on school days. Well, you can imagine how that went over! lol

We lost electric on Thursday afternoon. Problem solved. lol So they spent a lot of time playing board games, looking at storm damage, and playing together.

We all had a rousing game of  “I spy with my little eye”. All 6 of us. That was fun. We haven’t played that in years. It helped pass the time. lol

Hannah spent a lot of time this week sewing. Hopefully, she’ll let me post pictures next week. She turned a really long skirt into a dress. She then designed and sewed (by hand!) a cute little jacket to go over it. I love it. I think it’s going to look really nice on her.

Today, the electric came back on at noon time. All four kids were in the middle of a Monopoly game, so they didn’t head straight for the computers and tv like I thought they would. I’m probably going to be hearing for the rest of the day how “I” was the first one on the computer. lol

We celebrated the electric being back on by making ice cream. Vanilla with homemade chocolate sauce. yum!

Our electric co-op (it’s all about electric this week, guess I should have done a unit on electricity! lol) had it’s annual meeting this past week and they always do a big fireworks show. So we went and the kids had fun. Then our church had festivities on the 4th, singing, dinner, and fireworks. I wasn’t able to go, but the kids had a blast. Ok, Dad did, too. lol  Here’s a picture from our churches firework show, taken by Abby.


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  1. What an electric week!
    Nicole @ Journey 2 Excellence recently posted..Homeschool Mother’s Journal ~ Summer Week 7My Profile

  2. Patty Rose says:

    Linda, I love that your kids all played I Spy with you! In the world of electronics, we sometimes forget how much fun we can have just being with each other. I’m glad God provided a way for your family to reconnect in the midst of no electric. Have a great week!